Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going racing

I’m off to Richmond this weekend for my first NASCAR race of the season and I’m ready. My driver is doing well, I’m happy to be seeing good friends and excited for some good racing.

Someone said the other day they were very surprised at my love of racing and simply thought that it was something I picked up from Ted. When I posted something on Facebook about the fact that I was getting ready for Richmond one of my high school friends responded with a “holy s*** you’re still into racing after all these years”. One of my senior year boyfriends had a stock car and we spent a lot of Saturday nights at the dirt track near Lake Roosevelt. After him I still went with friends even after I moved away. So, no Ted isn’t the one that got me interested in racing, although I’m not sure that he ever even realized that fact, it all started years ago. Besides I love fast cars and always have, I inherited that from my wild, Harley riding, Porsche driving father….

Tiger Lily is off to her fathers while I’m racing. He and his girlfriend bought a boat over the winter and she is excited to get to spend the weekend on it. We have been crazy busy as the school year is starting to wind down and softball is winding up. She is playing in a 10-13 year old league with kid pitch, they are the smallest team out there but are holding their own. She has been hit with a ball that last two games and in true Tiger Lily fashion she has shaken it off and kept on going. Most of the other teams are made up of 12 and 13 year old girls so the games are a little one sided but for the most part the coaches of their opponents are aware of that fact and haven’t demoralized them. Acting class is over so we now have one free night a week. She has big plans for us for Mother’s Day so stay tuned….

H1N1 flu—formerly know as swine flu. Well, the jury is still out for me, there are cases reported here and we now have a fatality in the US but my opinions from the other day stand. But the ramifications are beginning to be felt as schools are beginning the process of shutting down. Is the media over hyping this—it’s too early to tell but in true media fashion I read an article that stated that WHO had raised the threat level to an unprecedented level 5. Well, considering the fact that the current levels were developed in response to SARS and there haven’t been any real disease outbreaks since then of course it’s unprecedented. I am concerned that there will be more loss of life here and abroad though and this isn’t going to go away in a few weeks. Again, wash your hands…. But to keep a sense of humor here's something to click on:

Have a great weekend and I’ll report on the race when I get home. Woo Hoo, going racing!!!!

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