Monday, May 4, 2009

Home again

I had a great weekend, saw a great race and spent some time with some amazing friends. My driver did well and even led for awhile. Several people commented on the fact that I seemed happier compared to in the past and I have to admit I am. I laughed and lived this weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, whenever my friend "the amazing E" laughs so hard she can't talk you know it's funny and she did that several times this weekend.

The week ahead is quiet for us which is nice. Tiger Lily has more no child left behind testing--ugh, and a make up softball game on Wednesday (forecast is for rain so doubtful). With acting class done and all the rain our schedule is surprisingly open (of course as soon as I say that the craziness will start up again...). We are enjoying Netflix on our rainy days and the snuggle time is an extra bonus for me. Right now she is on the computer in the office with my credit card shopping on the Internet for my Mother's Day present. I know, I'm pretty brave.

We are having a Mother's Day brunch/open house on Sunday which is all Tiger Lily's idea. She made the invitations, addressed the envelopes and delivered most of them. She has planned the menu and already started the shopping list. It will be a Mother's Day to remember I'm sure.

Hope everyone enjoys the week ahead and remembers to mail their Mother's Day cards.

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