Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend is here again

I’ve been a little remiss in updating this week. We’ve been crazy as always and time has gotten away from me.

Tiger Lily had a softball game Tuesday and they were trounced again but she is doing great. She had the game ending play at the plate and even the coach talked about it in his weekly reminder email. Unfortunately, I missed it since I was presenting at a PEO meeting—this is the first game I’ve missed too. She was pumped and went to Jimmy Cone afterwards with friends for celebratory ice cream.

Wednesday was talent show auditions which are always fun to watch, she is singing a Taylor Swift song (surprise surprise) and they have choreographed some moves etc. A lot of her friends are also participating so I think it ends up being social hour for the parents just as much as the kids. If I can find a video camera I’ll tape it and post a short clip.

Our weekend ahead is full as always. Tonight Tiger Lily is walking in the Relay for Life in Frederick with her father and his friend—she says she’ll go all night, I hope she has fun and gets some sleep. She made her donation goal and is excited. She wrote a short posting on her donation page and I was very impressed with what she said about all the members of her family that have been touched by cancer. She’ll be home tomorrow morning and after a long nap (hopefully) we have a movie date planned for Saturday night and a trip into DC on Sunday to see the sights before the summer crush begins.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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