Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TV turn off week

Well, it's TV turn off week and so far we seem to have survived just fine. Of course, we're always so busy that I don't think we watch that much TV during the week anyways. We were all ready to go on a short hike today to celebrate Earth Day and it started pouring so that put an end to that idea. Hopefully it will clear out soon and we may actually get to play a softball game on Thursday.

Our past weekend was packed with activity as the Friday night sleep over ended up with a few extra people and dinner out at Ledo's Pizza with friends. Everyone left about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon and Tiger Lily left at 5:00 for another sleepover so I hardly saw her until Sunday afternoon when we went to get pedicures before our big night out at the Melting Pot for dinner. I skipped lunch just so I'd have enough room to do the meal justice and I still was so full I could barely walk. I did get some yard work done and planted a few trees along the side of the house so it was a productive weekend! I even managed to sort of repair the wall where I hit it with the trailer (thank you to everyone for not telling Ted...).

Finally, a big huge hug to a friend who had a beautiful baby boy last week!!! Hopefully she is getting rest and recovering! Tiger Lily and I loved the pictures she sent out today.

Have a good rest of the week and stay tuned, I'm sure our weekend will be just as crazy as the last.....

Oh, and, No Country For Old Men...definitely not a feel good movie but "and then I woke up" is a good closing line.

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