Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tiger Lily speaks

Hi it’s Tiger Lily, I’m so happy to be talking to you. I’m here to talk about bring your child to work day in these next paragraphs.

First I went to something called Healthy Kids. We were divided into two groups, I went in the second group. What I did first was learn about fitness. The second thing I learned about healthy drinks, it was very delightful because I learned about how many calories the drinks I drink have in them. Did you know the Big Gulps from 7-eleven have 800 calories and I got to hold the bag with all the sugar in a Big Gulp and it was heavy.

The next thing I did was I saw all these cute little animals. First I saw the mice, they were so cute when they were running around. Next I went to go see the rabbits and three of them were named after Twilight characters. Then I saw Guinea Pigs and we got to feed the Guinea Pigs lettuce and they went crazy. I also saw ferrets and I named one of them Po-Po and our tour guide said she would tell everyone in the building the name since she didn’t have one before.

Then I saw a magic show! His name was Magic Mike, he was a total magician. His first trick was he stuffed a ribbon in his hand and it was nowhere to be seen. Then, he did the coloring book trick where there were pictures then we said the magic words and they were colored, then he started singing a song and there was nothing in there. And, he didn’t believe us when we told him. His last trick was my favorite. He called up my mom’s friend’s nephew and another girl and he had a little bag, took a wand and we said the magic words and a bird came out. But, my mom’s friend’s nephew was scared of the bird so Magic Mike called me up and the bird came onto my hand, it was soooo cute. My mom says it was a pigeon and it was disgusting but I don’t believe that (she still made me wash my hands).

That was mostly the funnest part of my day, then I had a taco for lunch, it was pretty good. It had lettuce and pulled pork, it was delicious. Then I put sauce on it that I thought was BBQ sauce on it but it wasn’t so I didn’t eat my third taco.

So, before this I was scared of police, they are so tall and big and they carry guns so I was scared. But not after bring your child to work day. We went to something called the K-9 show. I saw all the weapons they use, I got to sit in the cop car and speak on the loud speaker. I got to pick up the battering ram which was so much fun, I got to put on a gas mask (see the picture), then I K-9 show. Those K-9s were sooo smart. The officer put something in the boxes and the bags, they sniffed it out and they were right every time, Wow.

Then I had a softball game to go to and I left. I had fun that day, you should think about working there.

Love from Tiger Lily to all.

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