Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation is nearly over

We had a fun time at the beach yesterday, it was overcast and cool though so not alot of sun which was nice. Tiger Lily got a chance to boogie board and watched my cousin do some kayaking. The water was too cold to surf without a wetsuit. We did see a lot of dolphins though and some came pretty close to shore.

We're planning on going to the Sugar Mill today for breakfast. It's an old sugar mill where they have a griddle in the middle of the table so you can make your own pancakes (Tiger Lily's favorite breakfast). It's located at DeLeon Springs which is one of the many state parks built around the natural springs in the area--we'll walk off our breakfast I'm sure.

We're heading home tomorrow so I'll probably post something and pictures later in the week after we recover.

Happy Easter everyone.

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