Monday, April 27, 2009


Some of you will notice I put a widget up from HHS/CDC about swine flu (yes, it was also unfortunately juxtaposed to the picture of Tiger Lily with a gas mask on for awhile). They want the correct and most current information disseminated. Knowledge is power and one consequence of pandemic flu is the potential it has to disrupt our day to day life both by the spread of misinformation as well as the actual disease.

It is interesting to see what we have talked about and prepared for actually come to fruition (and saddening too). Even with all we know about human diseases we still are always one step behind evolution. The scientist in me is fascinated, the mother in me just put hand sanitizer on her grocery list, and Tiger Lily’s ferret she named last week just became more important (ferrets are used by researchers to study human influenza).

It will be an interesting few weeks I think.

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