Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting ready to go

Well, our vacation is almost here. We're loading up at 4:00 tomorrow morning and driving south. It snowed (flurries only) here today so I'm really ready to head south and warm up a little bit. It's funny how relaxed I am about this trip. This time, we've each got a bathing suit (not a new bikini tho, shopping was a bust), a beach towel, sunscreen and a credit card (well, maybe just me with the credit card)--what else do we need? No huge list of things to bring and no planning party, we're just going--it's a vacation. Strange how things change...

We had company on Saturday and made a couple of batches of paella--Tiger Lily's turned out better than mine. She's an amazing cook and enjoys it. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with her.

I'm bringing a laptop so hopefully I can post a short report from sunny Florida along with some pictures of us and Mickey Mouse!

80 degree weather here we come!!!

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