Thursday, April 23, 2009

take your child to work day

Today was take your child to work day and so Tiger Lily came to work with me. The program is well supported and they had activities planned all day. We walked all over the campus and our feet hurt when we left. I'm not going to go into details today since Tiger Lily has requested the opportunity to post what she did here. Unfortunately it'll have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday since we just got home from softball and it's too late.

Softball season has officially started and it's always funny how it starts out cold and by the end of the season we're all complaining about how hot it is. I have to admit that since I lost all my weight I'm actually looking forward to warm weather for the first time in years--I stay cold most of the time now days. Tiger Lily is sitting at the table in summer pajamas and I'm in jeans, two t-shirts and a fleece pullover.

Our weekend is booked already which is not a big surprise. We have soft ball practice and a movie date tomorrow night, a softball game on Saturday, friends coming for dinner Saturday night, and will probably head into the city on Sunday. In between I'm sure things will change and be added--I'm enjoying the fact that my life has become much more flexible in the past few months. I like to know what I'm doing but I have never been much of a "we have to do this now and this later and nothing else inbetween" type of person.

Have a great weekend and check back later to see what Tiger Lily has to say...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are beginning to expand and appreciate the fullness of your new life. I predicted it all along. I know you struggled with Ted's inflexibility over the years and are enjoying the chance to be a free spirit once again. I'm happy to see the old you beginning to emerge--warn us before you shave your head though. Continue to enjoy your growth, it will only get better.