Thursday, July 31, 2008

big surprise

I got on a plane this morning and flew to Iowa to surprise Tiger Lily. It worked too! She was so happy we made each other cry!

In other news my surgeon called today and she has recommended me for a study called the Taylor X study. They will use PCR to screen the tumor samples they removed for 21 markers that will predict my chance of having a recurrence. If the chances are high then I will be enrolled to have chemo, if they are intermediate then I have the choice of enrolling in a study where I will be randomized to receive either chemo or placebo, if the chances are low then I will just be followed as planned.

A note from Tiger Lily:hi everyone it is me tiger Lilly and when tulip surprised me i was so surprised i started crying and my mom to so every one who reads this i want to say that i love my mom more than anything my dad to i am going to be in iowa until august 7th so i have to go but by. TIGER LILLY


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you went on a trip to Iowa. have fun you two!

Anonymous said...

2Who had needed the visit more is my question? Tickled tiger lily was surprised, glad PT was able to pull it off. You guys have a good time together. Love ya both.