Monday, July 7, 2008

Good news!

Today I had a visit with a breast surgeon and the news is excellent. The initial diagnosis is Grade 1, Stage I breast cancer. Although I have two distinct tumors the tumors are very close and she feels that the best course of action is a lumpectomy (just remove the tumors and some tissue nearby) followed by 6 weeks of focused radiation (5 days a week, ugh). She did not feel I would need chemotherapy and would just need tamoxifin (5 years of a daily pill). I'm scheduled for a breast MRI on Tuesday and if there are no small tumors that the mamograms didn't pick up then the course of action will stand. The only thing left after the MRI is to determine whether or not I have any tumors in the lymph nodes. At the time of surgery they will inject the area around the tumor with radioactive dye. The dye will then travel to any lymph nodes down stream of the tumor and the ones that are radioactive will be removed and analyzed by pathology to ensure they are cancer free. If these are also negative then the diagnosis will stand and I have a greater than 97% chance of being cancer free for more than 10 years (that's all the time they can predict but I'll take it...).

I am also lucky enough to work where I do and I have a visit with a second surgeon at my work on Wednesday. If both surgeons agree then all I have to do is just decide where to have the surgery and when.

Needless to say we are very happy and although Tiger Lily still doesn't know the reason why I'm always going to doctors these days this will make it so much easier to explain when the time comes. I plan on having a nice glass of wine with my steak dinner tonight to celebrate!

Love to all.


Car 1.5 said...

What wonderful news to hear from you Tulip. God must be so busy trying to answer all the prayers of the world. How thankful am I to know he has been listening to all of those people praying for you, Tiger-Lily and Df. I remember always hearing about the importance of those breast exams and I hate to admit, I'm a slacker until now. I can't begin to imagine how scary this is for you and I admire the strength in keeping it from Tiger Lily, it must be difficult. Just look at her beautiful face when you are feeling weak or alone, she is your strength and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Just got Mary's email---stage 1--that is good news! Stay positive and I am happy that you do work where you work and you will have excellent care and treatment. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Glad to hear that it is stage 1. Thanks for the post. I'll keep looking while we are away and call you next week when we are back in town. Love to you! SR