Wednesday, July 23, 2008

info link

here's a link to a website with information on the radiation treatments--just an fyi for everyone that has asked

more tomorrow i promise

sleep tight tiger lily


Anonymous said...

We are so happy and thankful to hear the good news. I'm so glad you keep us posted on your blogspot. Tiger Lily read all of your postings yesterday. We are working on a fish swim bag today. Tomorrow we are going to put up sweet corn in Rodman. She loves your messages and phone calls. We're sending lots of love and hugs your way. MLB

Anonymous said...

The "info link" is excellent. It taught me so much, is extensive yet reader friendly. Thanks for sharing. E

Anonymous said...

Hi Pink Tulip,
I am so happy that all is going well. I have not called so you could get some rest in between your phone calls. I am keeping in touch with the other lunch time co-workers. I am told you had a nice dinner the other evening. Glad you liked the baked cookie and brownie dessert. They are home made by the cafeteria chefs at work. If you need anything you have my phone number. Divajdp