Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MRI biopsy

So, I thought I would be done with MRIs but I got to enjoy one again today. The mass is located at about 1:00 on my left breast (I'm saying mass in the hope that it's a benign fibroadenoma) and for reference, the other two are at about 3:00. So still in the same general area.

MRI guided biopsies are a little different--they take a few images pull you out of the MRI, place a form on your breast and use the MRI images for coordinates of where the catheter will be placed with the breast form as the map. Once they place the catheter you go back in the MRI to make sure it's placed correctly, then you get pulled out of the MRI and they take the samples, put you back in the MRI and make sure they took samples from the right area.... Basically, back and forth you go. At the end of the biopsy they place a small metal clip in the mass as a guide for the surgeon.

I should have the results back sometime tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. The general plan is still that I will go in for surgery next Tuesday morning. I may be out of commission for a few days but hopefully I'll be back to normal by the last week of July and just a little smaller on one side (although I don't think I can get much smaller..)!!

Stay tuned for results!!


Wendy Burns said...

Gini, you're my hero. Stay strong! I have a new lanyard for you and this time it shouldn't break. Let me know when I can bring it over.


shoogstr said...

Hey Girl - be thinking about you this weekend. I didn't vote for a weekend activity because I think you should raise your little girl right and go SHOPPING!!! Nothing like a little retail therapy to raise the spirits......and - if anxiety is robbing you of sleep, just read that NRC manual - you'll be asleep in no time. In fact, read it Tuesday morning, you'll be out stone cold....won't even need any anesthesia!!! SHM