Friday, August 1, 2008


I apologize for throwing out a few terms yesterday and not explaining. I am so used to speaking in code that sometimes I forget that not everyone has my codebook.

The screening that will be done on my tumor samples is called OncoType testing and the study I will be enrolled in is actually called the Tailor X study. There are full descriptions of both on the web through Google.

PCR is just a procedure used by scientists who want to look at what genes are expressed. Most people know about it from CSI since it is also used to determine if the suspect is really the suspect from samples they collect (such as hair or skin or blood). PCR can look at DNA (CSI) or it can look at RNA which then looks to see whether the genes that went bad and resulted in my cancer are the ones that usually mean it will come back. I do not carry the gene for breast cancer (BRCA) and until now I was considered very very low risk for breast cancer so the the screening will give me an extra level of comfort. It will also help my oncologist to determine what treatment I should have.

Tiger Lily and I are enjoying ourselves, we went and got manicures and lunch today and are planning on going out for dinner as well.

Have a great weekend everybody.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the acronyms, I little over some of our heads, we are not all PhD's you know (LOL). It pleases me you guys are enjoying each others company so much. Play, have fun, and to quote a cliche, take time to smell the roses. E

alfia said...

The study sounds very interesting! Will they let you know which group you belong to?

I am very happy for you you had a great time with TL! But we miss you, too. I guess we will see you tomorrow.