Wednesday, August 20, 2008

weekend plans

I just love it when things work out: Tiger Lily and I are off to the NASCAR race in Bristol today. She has always wanted to go and I was offered tickets at the last minute so I decided to seize the moment (or is it live for the moment?) and off we go. I figured I could sit around here and wait for the results or take the phone call (if it comes) while enjoying my daughter and obviously you can tell which choice won.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, luckily Fay turned southwest and we don't have to worry about rain!


Anonymous said...

P.T.: That is great news - wish we were going to be there!! Have fun and enjoy!!

Love - Ro & C

Anonymous said...

Tom says to have a great trip and don't forget to cheer for Jr. for him :) Also said he will be thinking about you while you are there....wishing he could be at the race also. Tell everyone hi for him and maybe next year he can come out also. BRISTOL BABY..
Tell the little one hi.