Monday, August 25, 2008


So, not only did Tiger Lily and I have a blast at Bristol (and my driver came in 3rd) but I got the phone call from my oncologist.

My Recurrence Score is 8, for reference under 18 is considered low. My chances of having metastatic disease is around 6% which is pretty much where it was when I reported after my surgery (the test does not predict whether or not I will have breast cancer again just metastatic disease). The recommendation is radiation followed by tamoxifen for 5 years so NO CHEMO!!! A big cheer went up at our tail gate, my parents house, my sister's office and my laboratory on that announcement.

I talked to another oncologist who pretty much echoed what the first one said, he did say that if I looked around hard enough I could probably find an oncologist that would be happy to give me chemo but that in his opinion it would be a waste of time. He did recommend agressive follow up though so I will get to know the people who do my mamograms really well....

I don't know when my radiation will start, we are trying to negotiate for me to have it done at work so I don't have to leave everyday and deal with parking etc. It would be a nice luxury but I'm happy to do all the driving just to be able to start ASAP.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Christine said...

What great news!

Diana said...

This is amazing news! If you ever need a ride or want a ride, I would work it out so I can take you. On the NASCAR! How exciting for you and Tiger Lily, and I know you had a great time. I can see the smiles on your faces from here.

Anonymous said...

P.T.: That is great news!!! I am glad you and Tiger Lilly had a good time and got good news at the same time.

Take care and we will see you soon!!

Love - Ro & C

Fred said...

Great news! I'm very happy for you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Well, hot diggity dog, great news. You know what direction your life is taking. What a relief, now you can get on with the show (for lack of a better cliche). Hopefully things can get started soon so they can be completed sooner than later. I am so impressed, once again, with your poise and grace, handling the dramatic medical event of your life, yet still living, and making sure that TL continues to despite the challenges recently thrown her direction. I know you will continue to do what's right for you and her and keep her focused on school and the important things in life. Gald you gals had a blast at Bristol, I hear it's a good time. Take care. Love you both.

Cheryl said...

FAB-u-lous news! The view from here is all good. Anything, anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey there

SO GLAD to hear the recurrence figure! I know you are very relieved and ready to get the treatment underway. I hope you manage to arrange to have it at work (what could be more convenient and comforting?).

Our very best to you... J&D