Thursday, August 28, 2008

have a good Labor Day weekend

Just wanted to say hope everyone has a great weekend.

We are working on the house and hosting a few parties. Tiger Lily has invited 8 of her best friends for a slumber party (I had a really weak moment) and my Post-Bac IRTA (fellow) got a movie deal and leaves next week so we are having a cookout Monday at the house.

No big news, I have a consult with a radiation oncologist next week--waaayy too many doctors if you ask me.

Remember to relax this weekend and enjoy the end of summer (and put away those white shoes little sister, even if you do live in AZ...).

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe summer is over (so to speak). Back to the real world of working more and playing less. It has been a very different summer for you. Hope the fall is a little less exciting if you know what I mean.

Have fun with TL and the rest of her bunch for the sleep over. Enjoy your cook out Monday. Take a couple minutes for yourself to breathe however (breathing is important).

As you have said in the past, you gotta live and you are doing that.