Sunday, March 15, 2009

What people think....

As I looked at my posting from Friday, the caption on the picture and the comment I realized that I was worried what people thought about me. I didn’t want people to think that just because Ted left me I had suddenly become one of those women who goes to the bar every night and leaves her child at home. Before Tiger Lily was born I used to go out to happy hour, when she got old enough for me to start again Ted was too busy going to happy hour with someone else so I just didn’t go. As I have said, I am in the process of rediscovering myself and I do enjoy going out occasionally with friends. I know that I will not drink until I can’t see straight and I don’t go to meet guys (the last, and only, time I met a guy it was such a great experience I’m in no hurry to repeat it (sketchy detail guy who couldn’t tell the truth)) and what I know is what is important here. I need to stop worrying what others think about me and, more importantly, that concept needs to be an essential part of my rebirth. So, no the glasses weren’t ours, our table had more!!!

Our week ahead is going to be quiet, Tiger Lily has “no child left behind” testing this week. She is worried but will do fine. I will admit she is very strong in verbal studies and not so strong in math but that’s how most people would describe me. I think we can all agree that anyone who breaks into hysterical laughter when they see the question “plot the course of a heat seeking particle on a concave surface” on a test definitely is not a math whiz.

We are having a happy hour/Wii tournament at the house on Friday which will hopefully make up for the quiet work/school week. It will be nice to have a house full of people and we do love to entertain. One of the guests is designing a signature “adult beverage” for the occasion and she’s already named it a “Whoopsy Daisy”, could be interesting….

And finally: Yes!!!! I survived another “visitation weekend”.