Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Child Left Behind

Tiger Lily had the first day of "no child left behind" testing today. I have some pretty stong feelings about this and am still not sure whether or not this is the best method to hold the schools accountable. There is so much emphasis placed on these tests and Tiger Lily was so nervous last night she couldn't go to sleep. They focus on these tests for most of the school year so are they now teaching to the tests or teaching what the students should learn? I don't have a better way but I do know that the teachers don't like the mandate, the students don't like the mandate and as a parent, I don't like the mandate. I guess the big question is: Who does?

We finally entered the 21st century and signed up for NetFlix so tonight after acting class we'll stay up a little late and watch one of our movies. A treat for a hard day. We just have to go through this all over again next week....

The picture was actually taken by my nephew, it is the space shuttle when it launched earlier this week. We used to watch them from the balcony of my dorm when I was at the same university as an undergrad. I still think it's pretty cool and it was even better in person.

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