Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekends Away

Tiger Lily is off again for her weekend with her father. I absolutely hate it when she goes away, even if it is just for two days. She is adjusting well to the schedule, the whole situation and not seeing her father everyday. In some ways his distance for nearly 5 years now made this whole situation easier on her. Probably the roughest is still the transition time when she comes back, it is easier when Ted allows me to pick her up somewhere since this gives her time to readjust to our lives. We usually will stop for Starbucks on the way home so that she can talk etc. She does not have her own personal space at their place which sometimes worries me but since she doesn’t spend a lot of weekends in Frederick I guess it is the way it will be. In some ways having to deal with the whole weekend visitation schedule thing with Ted’s two older children has allowed me to have a better understanding of the emotions she has.

I usually spend my “single” weekends doing stuff around the house that I don’t do when she’s there. I actually have homework from her this weekend—we are looking for something to volunteer for. She wants to do the Big Sister program while I’m thinking more along the lines of a soup kitchen so I have to find a few things somewhere in between.

Oh, and the new picture, I couldn’t resist since it was funny to see all those glasses lined up—they really weren’t ours.