Sunday, March 1, 2009

Next adventure

So we decided to head into DC for dinner tonight and ended up in Adams Morgan and had Ethiopian food. A very good friend and my oldest nephew joined us. It was great, Tiger Lily enjoyed herself and thought the whole idea and set up was cool. We walked back to the Metro in the snow and caught a few snow flakes on our tongues on the way.

My house stays at sixes and sevens but we are settling in. I need to stop boo hoo hooing and just deal. Of course, right in the middle of the move I discovered another pin hole leak in one of the pipes in the basement. My usual tricks to patch the hole didn't work so a big huge thank you to my friend that just left--we have water again.

Have a great week everyone and stay tuned, with my oldest nephew in town we always end up doing something fun.

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Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!!! Sounds like you had a fun time. It's good to take the time to smell the roses or catch the snow flakes on your tongue, LOL. Those will all be a part of yours and TL's memories, along with the pix for refreshers. Keep having those adventures, can't wait to see what's next, what event, what cuisine.
Glad your pipe is fixed, especially with snow on the way. You don't realize how much you use water till you don't have it.
Give your nephew a big hug, I know you adore him.