Tuesday, March 24, 2009

all tiger lily news today

Today was a big day for Tiger Lily, she had her palate expander removed!!! She was very excited and called me immediately afterwards from the orthodontist's office. The difference it made in her smile and teeth is amazing and I am a big fan of the process. Now, no more getting food stuck in between it and the roof of her mouth.

Another week of testing--still not happy but I figure I ranted enough last week about it. She is calmer this week and will be happy when it's done.

Softball starts up again this week and we're back into being busy just about every night again. I wouldn't have it any other way though and I'm looking forward to a busy spring/summer.

As the posting title says, it's all about Tiger Lily today. Have a great rest of the week.


We had acting class tonight and it was parent participation night. Surprisingly I enjoyed myself (we all know that being on stage without a lectern and a laser pointer just makes me way too nervous), I learned some things and Tiger Lily told me I shouldn't quit doing what I do. Acting isn't my thing but it is hers and I was happy to share the night with her. She wants to visit Ford Theater and maybe we'll just have to make an evening of it and see a play soon so she can see the theater in action...


Anonymous said...

I'll Bet Tiger Lily was happy to get that expander out, its been in there for a while now. It will make eating alot easier.

Testing will be over soon, for lack of a better cliche, I suppose it is a necessary evil.

Can't wait to go to a softball game, didn't make any last year so I'm looking forward to watching.

Give Tiger Lily hugs and kisses for me.


Anonymous said...

Glad she got her expander out, she is such a beautiful little girl and talented. Guess that comes from good breeding. Hope all is well with you girls. What's up for Easter? We are going to Somer & Teddy's this year. Somer is making baskets for all her nieces and nephews and an Easter Egg Hunt to boot. I know it will be a great time. WIsh you guys could be there. Hope the health is better. Take care.
Love sg , T and kids