Saturday, March 21, 2009

It is really the middle of March???

It's hard to believe March is already more than half over. Where does the time go?

We had a great time last night and had 27 people over for the first happy hour/Wii tournament of the year. I'm glad I have a big room to fit everybody. The Whoopsy Daisy was a huge success and will be a signature part of all future events. I'm lucky to have such creative friends that she even make special tags for the glasses.

We spent the day in DC today and visited the Holocaust Museum. Tiger Lily went through the public exhibits several weeks ago with her dad and expressed an interest in going to see the whole thing. They recently read a book in class about a young Jewish girl during the Nazi occupation of Denmark and how they escaped to Sweden (I learned just recently that Sweden was actually a neutral country during WWII like Switzerland). We took it slow and mainly discussed the rise of the Nazi party and why they did what they did. We went very quickly through the floor that details "the final solution" and spent some time again on the floor that talks about the resistance and the world's discovery of what happened. They make sure that anything truly graphic is behind barriers that someone of Tiger Lily's age must stand on her tip toes to see (we didn't spend much more than about 15 seconds on our tip toes before she was eager to move on and I wasn't going to disagree). I went to Dachau when I was 17 years old and it is something I don't think you ever forget.

We bought the movie "Twilight" on the way home and plan on snuggling up tonight and watching with a huge bowl of popcorn. I'm sure we will have at least one friend over by the number of phone calls that have come through while I'm posting this. I read the series during radiation last fall and she's half way through the second book. We'll talk when she gets to the fourth book....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. The Henri Matisse pictures didn't display right so hope you like the new gadget I put on. I became a huge fan of his work after spending a way too short afternoon in the private collection at The Hermitage.


sherise said...

Sure wish we lived closer are we would of liked to of been there last night also. Somer and Teddy are here for the weekend and we all hope to come and stay for a short visit soon. Tell the little one hi and we miss her.

Tkae care. Love Tom and Sherise & Family

Tulip said...

Hi Sherise! Wish you guys could of been here. Teddy would have certainly been the champion! We will love to see you anytime and the wild child (Diamondz) sends her love back.

Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all on Friday, sorry I missed it. I look forward to the next time and trying that signature drink.

It also sounds as though Tiger Lily had quite the history lesson Saturday, it's so refreshing when a child wants to make the extra effort to learn about something, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Take care, have a good week.