Monday, July 27, 2009

Tiger Lily is home!

Tiger Lily is home finally and I’m so happy she is back. She had a great time playing with her cousins, shopping, riding horses and just being on vacation. She flew home by herself and even had to change planes in Houston. She was rather offended though that someone had to escort her between gates but…in true Tiger Lily fashion she managed to get the guy driving the cart to stop along the way so she could get something to eat. As always she managed to make friends on all the flights as well. On the way out she sat 1 row in front of my sister and before they had even left the gate she already knew the names, where they we going and why of both her seat mates. On the way back she met someone who works at Fannie Mae that showed her his house along the Potomac as they flew in (my favorite route!!). She told me we need to go visit him sometime at work…. I wish I had her gift.

Our week is somewhat up in the air, she leaves Thursday for a long weekend with Ted so no camps. We are hoping to get a manicure/pedicure in today and she is getting her hair cut tomorrow. We are also hoping to squeeze in a movie and a bike ride. I’m flying to SC Thursday night and we will both be home Sunday. She then turns around next Tuesday and flies to Iowa for a week to spend time with more family. She is looking forward to time with her grandma and is hoping to see her brother and sister-in-law (she is supposed to email them to let them know she’s coming but…). Again, she’s flying by herself and I can hardly wait to hear about the new friends she makes on this trip. After this trip the rest of the summer will be with me. We have some busy times ahead and a few trips planned as well to look forward to.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Anonymous said...

What a life that Tiger Lily has!! Her summer seems to have flown by, I wonder if she feels the same way. It is fun keeping up with her activities and adventures. To keep track of pink tulips' travels is just a much fun and equally challenging. You girls keep it up, drop us a post card once in a while in case we forget where you are off to most recently.


Tulip said...

Hi E,

We'll drop you a post card I promise! Hard to believe we're starting back to school shopping already!