Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready for a quiet weekend

So, Tiger Lily is still visiting my sister, my oldest nephew and very good friends are all off to a crab feast and my SC friend is spending the weekend on the softball field with his kids which means… I have no plans for the weekend!!! Lately I’ve been so busy I need a short breather!!! I’m also all banged up with a bum ankle, an eye infection and a leg full of spider bites so maybe a few days of rest wouldn’t hurt.

Have talked to Tiger Lily multiple times a day and she’s enjoying herself but has had a few dramas along the way. She lost the ring I bought for her at Tiffany’s last Christmas just before she left and almost lost the necklace we bought during our shopping day in May! My sister actually had to have one of her employees break into her office at 8:00 at night to make sure the cleaning crew didn’t clean up the necklace—not sure having an employee break into the boss’s office is a good thing…. She has also reached the point where she realizes that having thick curly hair isn’t so great—she can’t get a comb/brush through it some days without a struggle (I feel her pain) and she called today asking if I would make a hair appointment so she could cut it all off. We'll see if she actually goes through with it, as always I'll post the "new do". She will be home Sunday (yippee) and will be home for a few days before she heads off for an extended weekend with her father. August is already shaping up to be just as busy and I’ll update everyone on all her plans in the next few weeks. I don’t think she’ll be home for a weekend until sometime in late September (she has already started planning a trip for my birthday). Her fall schedule is also beginning to shape up and I’m starting to get emails about volleyball and acting class already. My fall is also filling up with trips planned to give talks in Chicago and New Orleans (two of my favorite cities!!!), to visit family and a couple of races that I missed out on last fall.

For those of you that have signed up for the Army of Women, thank you. They are looking for women to participate in a study in the Baltimore area if anyone is interested. Blood draws and a few other minor tests are the only procedures listed Again, these are all studies designed to determine the cause and hopefully prevent breast cancer. They also are listed in the causes section on Facebook and a big thank you to all my FB friends that included this on their pages. I’ll stop bugging everyone soon, I promise.

Whether is quiet or busy I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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