Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Army of Women

I have a new cause to talk about which I found out about at work since the founder of the movement, Dr. Susan Love, is coming to give a lecture next week.

The cause is The Army of Women (website is This is a new movement to recruit up to 1,000,000 women to participate in a wide variety of research to try and discover the cause of breast cancer and also to prevent it. They are looking for women from all walks of life (there is a study looking at lesbian women, a study specifically for African American women and a study looking at the benefit of yoga for survivors) as well as survivors and healthy women (not that survivors aren't healthy...) to participate in the studies. If you're interested please join, if not please pass along the website to someone who might be.

As always, early detection is the key to survival but prevention would be so much better.

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