Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake fun and concert screams

We are just about recovered from our weekend (actually, Tiger Lily was recovered by Sunday evening since she flew out yesterday morning to visit my sister for a week). We had a good time as always. The weather was a little chilly (still haven’t figured out why July is so nice this year!!) but the kids still got in the water and enjoyed riding on the inner tube. Tiger Lily even went fishing with a few old friends.

So, Taylor Swift…. She puts on quite a show!! The opening act is Gloriana which sings the song “Wild at Heart”, Tiger Lily knew it. The second opening act is Kellie Pickler and she opened with a rather significant song for me. She sang for about 45 minutes and included several introductions to her songs. I enjoyed the fact that about half way through her set she kicked off her 4 inch heels and ended the set barefoot—I would have lasted about 10 minutes in those shoes…. Of course, Taylor Swift was greeted by an entire civic center of screaming girls (it was hard to find many men in the crowd) and she opened with the song Tiger Lily sang in the talent show this year. Her show was about 2 hours long. About halfway through her set she repositioned herself in the civic center and sang a song in the back, walked through the crowd to a stage in the center, sang a few more songs and walked through the crowd back to the main stage. Along the way she hugged the fans, smiled for pictures, and even thanked many of the people for coming to her concert. For a 19 year old girl she handles herself with a sense of grace that many people twice her age still haven’t mastered. We stayed until the very end which was well worth it since the end of her encore has a surprise (won’t tell in case anyone gets to go see her in concert). I will also say that for the first time at a country concert I actually wished I had brought hearing protection (yes, after not being able to hear for two days after a White Zombie concert I learned to always take earplugs to rock concerts) since she has several guitarists that are definitely fans of Edge (lead guitarist for U2).

My week ahead is quiet, Tiger Lily will be home Sunday and of course I really really miss her. She called last night to say it was 112 degrees and really hot!!! They are not having the lovely weather we are having… Hopefully I can catch up on all my chores, work in the yard and finish up my chair this week.

Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

If there is such a thing as too much fun, we had it this weekend. Who can beat hanging out with friends and family, where the view is awesome, the weather spectacular. Everyone was either relaxing, playing, swimming or fishing. No drama, just good old fun, and lets not forget the S'mores!!!