Thursday, June 4, 2009

No news is good news so far…

So I apologize again for being so lax in updating!!! My MRI was Tuesday and it was uneventful. I have to admit a certain amount of pride in how patients are treated here and although it’s not something I want to go out and do everyday they do know how to make the process as comfortable as possible here. As soon as I hear anything I will post my good news.

So, it has been a busy hectic week since I last posted. We ended up not going to the O’s game and went out for dinner and a movie with friends instead. We went to our new favorite sandwich shop and saw a more appropriate movie this time (Night at the Museum). Saturday morning was spent on the softball field where Tiger Lily caught a pop fly (she was pretty surprised the ball was in her glove when she put her hand down!!!). The girls played well against a very well coached, larger team. The rest of our weekend was spent catching up and doing stuff around the house.

Our week has been busy as always. A good friend of mine from college is in town and we’ve spent the week catching up and remembering all the trouble we got into (although we couldn't find anywhere that had $5 pitchers of Killian's Red we have managed to drink a few margaritas). It’s funny how sometimes friendships can take a 22 year break and still be good when they start up again. In between we’ve had another softball game, this time the ball didn’t stay in Tiger Lily’s glove but she still managed to get the ball and throw out the runner at third!!! We’ve had talent show practice with the big show being tomorrow evening and are planning to have friends over for dinner tonight.

And on that note I need to get to work!!! As soon as I hear anything I promise to post!!

Have a great rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

What a full week!! And what fun you must be having, I can almost detect the enthusiasm in your writing. I am so excited for you, and you deserve it.

Way to go Tiger Lily! Keep up the good fielding, we are so proud of you.

Keep us posted with your MRI results, waiting is so hard (listen to me, like you don't know that).


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Tiger Lily is staying busy. I hope she has some down time for herself this summer also. Would love to see a pic of her in her uniform.

Somer says hi and keep them posted when Tiger Lily is coming to Iowa, she hopes that she can spend time with her little sister when she is here.

Always, sg

Tulip said...

E and SG,

I have to admit I really do enjoy watching Tiger Lily play!!! I will definitely post a pic of her in her uniform--she always has a huge smile on her face when she's in it! She sends her love to both of you and her big sis and bro.

Still waiting to hear...ugh.