Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomorrow is Tiger Lily's big day

Tomorrow Tiger Lily "graduates" from 5th grade. I have mixed emotions, she is growing up so fast and this means in many ways she is no longer a little girl but she is so excited and so ready to begin the next phase of her life. I have on more than one occasion said to friends that soon she will no longer think it's cool to go to the movies with me or hold my hand or even snuggle on the couch. I treasure those moments and would hang on to my little girl forever but...I can hardly wait to see the young woman she will become!

After graduation we have the softball party (they were actually winning last night when they called the game due to rain!!!!!) which includes the annual parent-daughter softball game. As long as they don't ask me to throw or catch the ball I'm good... Saturday is softball playoffs, a birthday party and the arrival of my oldest niece who is a treasure!!!! I can guarantee dinner on the deck Saturday night!!!!

I will post a picture of her and report on the ceremony this weekend I promise, I have been a little sidetracked lately. I'll talk about that another day.......

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