Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation Day and All A's!!!!

Friday was a big day for Tiger Lily. She was her usual poised self and looked way too grown up for the ceremony. She received a Presidential Academic Award and today we found out she also received all A's (FINALLY). She also received a citizenship award for being kind to others. Of course I cried but just for a second. She is ready for middle school.

Friday night we ended up having the parent-daughter softball game followed by the softball team party. I got two doubles but unfortunately could never make it past the third baseman who kept tackling me (and all the other parents) when they went by (the third baseman was Tiger Lily by the way). We had our usual blast, I really like all the families that were on her softball team and I will miss sitting out on the field and watching the girls play. Tiger Lily's award was the "Catch, Look, and Dance" award for when she caught the pop fly a couple of weeks ago--after she caught it, noticed the ball was still in her glove and preceded to dance around the field.

Saturday was the last softball game (I know we had the party a little early but most everyone is leaving town this week) and it was hot and the girls were tired after their big day before. They finished with a bang and I can hardly wait until next year to see how much they will improve. Tiger Lily went to her first boy girl party Saturday night which is just another rite of passage (mom is having a hard time with all these grown up things going on...)

Sunday was fairly quiet thank goodness. We went shopping to get ready for a trip to the beach later this week.

Our week ahead includes dinner for friends tonight and a trip to the beach later this week. I love the beach!!!! and can hardly wait to sit on the balcony and watch the ocean. We also have to plan our celebration dinner for all A's (Melting Pot again!!!) and enjoy having my oldest niece stay with us for a few days.

I promise to report from the beach and will finally spend some time talking about some positive changes in my life.

Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

What a difference a year makes. You and Alex are living life to its fullest (sorry about the cheesy cliche). You are embracing all sorts of opportunities, trying all those things that you have been wanting to do. Nothing to hold you back now, moving forward in all sorts of different ways. You go girl, enjoy and don't slow down.