Monday, June 29, 2009

It’s almost July!!!

Hard to believe it almost July… A year ago at this time I was still coming to grips with the fact that I had early breast cancer—now I’m simply celebrating great check ups and looking forward to many years of adventures with Tiger Lily.

Our weekend was somewhat quiet for me and exciting for Tiger Lily. She spent the weekend at the lake with her father and had a great time. She has skateboarding camp this week and has already sent out an email letting everyone know that she fell going down the 1st ramp—luckily when I talked to her a little while ago she wasn’t hurt and did go down the ramp again (that’s my Tiger Lily!!!!). The camp is in the morning and will go through Thursday. She is then off with her father for about 2 weeks (I have to take a couple of deep breaths every time I say that—but this isn’t about me). They are headed to the beach for one week and what ever they can cook up for the second. I’ll post updates as I hear from her. We are going into DC Tuesday night to meet my friend from South Carolina for dinner and then to the Melting Pot to celebrate all A’s on Wednesday night. Summer time didn’t slow down much obviously.

I started a new project over the weekend. I have always wanted an Adirondack chair for my deck off the bedroom. Well, I found some plans online and my father and I are now building one!!! Not only do I get a piece of deck furniture out of all of this I get to spend some time with my father. He is not in the best of health and I am beginning to appreciate any time I can have. He is infinitely patient with me and this will be a labor of love for both of us. I’ll post a picture when I’m done. I’m off to South Carolina for the weekend on Thursday and am looking forward to seeing a part of the country I’ve never been to before. My friend has a Harley and is very excited to get me out on his bike so we have several rides scheduled. Me, well still nervous about the whole motorcycle thing but I’ll try it, he’s already promised to stay on the back roads and no freeways!!

Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July and enjoys the fireworks where ever they are. Happy Anniversary to Tiger Lily’s brother on the 5th too!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted reading your posting and that's only your lives for the next week. Good for you guys, it helps avoid boredom and it's sooo much fun to try hew things. Will miss you over the fourth but am excited for you. Have fun, keep in touch, can't wait ti hear about the bike ride.


Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you are enjoying life again. If you are anything like me, you appreciate life more once you have been ill. Somer & Teddy are coming home for the 4th. Hard to beleive it has been a year already. Have a great time on your trip.