Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach weekend is over

Our beach weekend was a success and we had a great time just being lazy and enjoying our time together. We had more rain on Saturday but still managed to get some beach time in as well as some movie time. I love just being there, of course the water is still way too cold for me so I spend all my time watching not only Tiger Lily but all the very interesting people that were all around us—men who read Playboy on the beach are really creepy.

We came home Sunday and Tiger Lily spent a couple of days with her father. She came home last night to say goodbye to my oldest niece who leaves today and will go back with her father for an extended weekend starting on Thursday. Even my niece noted that it was very very quiet at my house while she was gone.

Our Fourth of July plans are pretty much set, Tiger Lily will be going with her father for an extended beach week (she will be one very tan girl!!!) and is very excited about her vacation. She has skateboard camp all next week and is hoping to show off her new skills on the boardwalk if she can.

I will be heading to South Carolina to visit a friend for the long weekend. He is the reason why I’ve been so distracted lately and bad about updating on a regular basis. Yes, finally, I have started dating again. He is, of course, an amazing person and someone who I’ve know since college but hadn’t spoken to or seen for more than 20 years. He lives in South Carolina, we have a great time together and as I said a couple of weeks ago (you guys just didn’t know who I was referring to at the time…) it is amazing how easy it was to restart our friendship even after 22 years. Yes, I know we live 500 miles apart but we all know I never do things the easy way, I’m way too independent now and if anybody can do this and make it work it would be me. As I said a few weeks ago, this summer is going to be great so stay tuned.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

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Anonymous said...

What a difference a year makes!! If anybody can pull off this long distance relationship it is you. It is exciting and I am excited for you. This does restore faith in the old expression that good things happen to good people. It's your turn now, so have at it, have fun, Keep us posted.