Sunday, June 7, 2009

Still Waiting

Well, still waiting to hear but being patient. If there was a problem they would have contacted me by now...

Our weekend was quieter than usual which was nice. Friday night was the annual talent show and Tiger Lily did her usual great job. She and another friend sang along to a Taylor Swift song and then somehow she ended up center stage for the finale (not sure how she worked that yet but...). Her softball game Saturday was cancelled due to the fact that the field washed away with all the rain this week but we managed to get some shopping done for a dress (more about that later). We then had a surprise sleep over Saturday night (surprise as in, one of her friends showed up and Tiger Lily turned to me and said "didn't I tell you....") They stayed up late and ate all the microwave popcorn in the house so I think the 4 of them had a good time. The rest of the day was spent running errands and picking up my oldest nephew at the airport!!! We're happy to have him home again.

Our week ahead is quiet early and busy late. Tiger Lily has her last softball game on Wednesday and I will miss spending evenings on the softball field. She is graduating from 5th grade on Friday which of course she is excited about and I just can't believe she's this old. I'm sure I will cry buckets during the ceremony. That's what we needed a new dress for! I promise to post pictures...

So, again, I promise to post once I hear!!!

Have a great week.

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