Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Report cards

Tiger Lily got her report card yesterday and she continues to do amazing in school. She got all A’s and O’s with one exception, an S in Music. She is bummed that she won’t get to go to the “All A’s party” but I am still so very very proud of her. She has worked so hard this year to be organized, do her homework on time and study for all her tests.

We are planning a special evening on Friday, dinner and what ever else she wants to do in order to celebrate. Any suggestions on where to eat would be greatly appreciated!

Hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...

Bonefish Grill or Rainforest Cafe

fred said...

Congratulations to TL on the report card! That's a fabulous achievement, even if she just missed out on the party. (and good luck on that next acting part!)
PT, thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I admire how you're handling everything, and wish you the best.