Friday, February 13, 2009

Good News

I had what I think will be the final appointment with the dermatologist today! My breast is clearing and they are now convinced the problems are due to radiation damage so NO BIOPSY. As such I will now just have to wait for my skin and breast to regenerate which will take around a year. I’m relieved, happy and just elated that it wasn’t a recurrence.

Tiger Lily is away with her father and his family for a long weekend out of town so I’m really a single woman this weekend. I have a lot of work to do still from last fall and will probably spend most of the weekend working. I am going out with friends for margaritas tonight and on Sunday I think we are going to the DC101 Daytona 500 party downtown. This is one of those things I have always wanted to do and now I can.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Good news on your follow up appointment with the dermatologist, even better, NO BIOPSY. Things are looking up.