Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to measure success

A couple postings ago I wrote about using your mind well and I touched on what makes someone successful. I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a teacher. She works with at risk kids and she was very proud of the fact that several of her students who had never earned any other grade besides an F were now earning Bs and Cs. She was also disillusioned by the fact that she received a poor performance review because her supervisor felt that she did not have “proper classroom control” with students sitting in a row being quiet. It made me think about how we measure success in our jobs and our lives. For my friend, success was helping her students earn good grades, for her supervisor it is keeping the students under control. Whose measure is correct?

We all measure success differently, for some having lots of money, toys, a job with a fancy title and a house that others envy is the only measure of success. Although this is a perfectly good measure of success I’m not sure that how others perceive me is the measuring stick I want to use to determine how successful my life is. As I travel along the journey to rediscover myself I want to be more like my friend who measures her success by how she positively impacts the lives of those around her. I consider myself to be a successful parent because my child is such a joy to have in my life and the lives of others. The next step for me is to figure out how else I can be successful…

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Anonymous said...

Success, now that was a heavy one. But truly, what is success, what makes us successful? Is it having lots of worldly posessions or enjoying the posessions that we have? Is it being the best at everything, or being the best we can at everything we try? I don't have the answers for anyone else, I think we can each only answer whether or not we are successful for ourselves. Most days I feel pretty successful.