Friday, September 26, 2008

5 down, 25 more to go (or 1 down, 5 more to go)

I am now officially done with my first week of radiation!

The whole situation still is somewhat surreal and I've have several up and down days this week. This was never what I planned for and 6 months ago I never ever thought I'd be going through a divorce, being treated for breast cancer and working to get my house ready to sell. I do still count my blessings and appreciate all everyone has done so far.

So far just minor effects on my skin from the radiation, I'm told I should start looking pretty sunburned by next week. I'm tired but I'm not sure if that's from all the hours I've spent working on the house to get it ready or the radiation. Even Tiger Lily has reached the point where she's tired of spending every evening and all weekend working on the house. My goal is to get this off my plate before the effects from the radiation start to drag me down so I can focus on getting rest and healing (and eating a few biscuits!).

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the rain.

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Anonymous said...

When I got up this morning I had the same thought, one week down 5 to go. It will go quickly (it has to). It will be done before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and you have your energy revving up just in time for Christmas shopping.

This weekend the house will be done, period, end of story, then you can focus on Alex, resting, and healing, OH and don't forget eating a few biscuits (get baking -you know who!!!)

Take care Gini, see you tomorrow.