Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting ready to start Round II

So, I had a radiation simulation yesterday along with a CT scan. I have a lovely green box drawn around most of the left side of my chest... The radiation oncologists will review my scan and I have one more simulation on Friday to make sure everything lines up correctly. I will also get tattooed for my reference points. Tiger Lily thinks it's funny that her anti-tattoo mom is now going to have to get some because of my cancer. I get to start radiation on Monday, the treatment plan will consist of 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week for pretty much the entire left breast. At the end I will get a boost to the site where they removed the cancer and then I will get to start tamoxifen. According to the oncologist I shouldn't feel the effects of the radiation until around week 4 or so and it will last for about 4 weeks after it stops since the dose effect is cumulative--so I should be up and back to my normal self by Thanksgiving.

On more fun news, we are getting very close to being ready to put the house up for sale next week. My realtor is taking a class on how to stage houses to get them ready to sell and the class came yesterday and used my house to learn on. Although it doesn't look like my house anymore it does look good. I have a long list of things to do before next week but we're really getting there now. I will probably spend the whole weekend cleaning, moving furniture out and painting so if anyone is just horribly bored drop on by and I'll put you to work!

Have a good rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds as though everything is moving along. I know you will be glad to get it all over with so you and Tiger Lilly can get back to a normal life.

Best wishes to you in all of your treatments, if you need anything call. I can be there in 2 to 3 hours - maybe more - depending if I get lost.

Take care!!! Hugs & Kisses to you and Tiger Lilly!!!

Love, Ro & C

Anonymous said...

Here you go, the next phase at last. As much as you may dread the next phase, you may also be welcoming it, to get it done and get it behind you. You have all the love,help, and support you need from us, we are just a phone call and 3 stop lights away. Do not hesitate to call us or anyone if you need something no matter how small you may think it is.

Will be there this weekend to tweek my painting skills or whatever else you may need.

Take care, see you later.


Sarah said...

Hi Aunt Gini! I hope everything is going well with you! As you know, I'm in nursing school now, and I think about you a lot when we talk about certain things, and every time I see a pink ribbon you cross my mind. I hope you still have a spot for me at your hospital when I graduate! Best of luck with everything and stay positive!!

Love, Sarah

Fred said...

I'm happy to read that you're still hanging in there!
I hope the treatments go smoothly and more importantly, put this behind you for good!

Take care,