Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Good News

So, the rollercoaster of my journey continues with its ups and downs. The lump that was removed on Monday was benign, truly a fibroadenoma so the news is still good. In hindsight, given everything that is and was present I probably should have just sacrificed the breast from the begining but knowing that Ted would soon be leaving and that I would be dating again someday probably clouded my judgement.

The plan is to start radiation as soon as the incision site heals and the swelling goes down. Luckily, this won't take long and I hope to start late next week or early the following.

This Saturday is my birthday and Tiger Lily has requested that I go out to lunch and shopping while she cleans the house for me. If anyone is interested in seeing the excellent job I know she will do please feel free to stop by Saturday afternoon. She is also planning a special lunch for the two of us on Sunday.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear the good news!! Always remember - if they can not except you as you are they do not deserve you!!!

HAPPY (early) B-Day - enjoy your day - I am sure Tiger Lilly will have the house looking great.

Take care and keep in touch.

Love - Ro & C

alfia said...

Whew! This makes me happy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pink Tulip,

Great News! I will be out of town on Saturday but I know you will have many friends coming to keep you updated on things. Continue to listen to beautiful soothing music and keeping your spirits raised so you heal faster. If you need anything let me know. Hugs and a kiss,


Cheryl said...

What wonderful news! TL is truly a treasure, isn't she? More good news is that the breast can be reconstructed, if you decide to go in that direction. There are newer options regarding this procedure, sparing most of the external features. But, that's a thought for later.
You have lots and lots of love coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Well Gini,
I just spent the last several minutes reading your entire blod and all the corresponding comments (I recommend everyone do this- it is eye opening to relive all this and to see where you were and where you are now- WOW the comments are all great) Fot lack of a better word, how exciting to get this next leg of treatment started, you are coming down the home stretch. You say you should have had the breast removed from the start- remember, we make the decisions we make because they felt/were right for us at the time we made them. Hope you had a fantastic birthday you young thing you. Talk to you later.