Friday, October 3, 2008

2 Down 4 To Go!!

So, after rereading my post from last Friday I realized I sounded a little whiny which is never a way I would describe myself. I'm actually very happy to finally be at this stage!

2 weeks down!

I can't say enough nice things about the people in the Radiation Oncology Branch here. Everyone is so pleasant, works very hard to make sure I'm comfortable and they all figured out very quickly that I love the blanket warmer! I wish I could find one to keep at my house. I'm beginning to have some skin changes and am running a little low on energy (but it's Friday so....) but other than that this radiation stuff is nothing so far.

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. We have a "white trash bash" on Saturday, Tiger Lily and I are planning on really getting into the theme of things. Ted hired a contractor to finish a lot of the little things on the house and I have spent just about every weekend for the past two months working on it so I'm officially taking a break. Hopefully, it will go on the market next week, I'll post the realtor's website so everyone can see the transformation. If you know of anybody looking for a house please pass along the info.

Hope everyone's weather is as nice as the weather is slated to be here this weekend.



Sven said...

Oh I miss the weather on the East Coast. I have conveniently forgotten the heat and humidity of the summer and now solely remember the nice warm days in spring, fall, and often winter. Today I turned on the heat in my place because the weather has been cold and wet for several weeks.

Anonymous said...

Well Gini, I did not think you sounded whiny and so what if you did. You have had a very full plate and are entitled to an occassional down day, who would blame you. However, you are upbeat 99.9% of the time and what a role model for Tiger Lily and other women being challenged with some of the bad deals that people get dealt sometimes, their fault or not as in your case.
Glad to hear that the staff in Radiation Oncolgy are so grrrreat!! (just had to do it LOL). Those blanket warmers are the bomb.
Glad you took the weekend off, you deserved it. You have stepped up to the plate, did what you needed to do, time to take a break and play, its your turn.
You are probably going to start to run out of steam in the next week so you need to call in your back up for help, it is OK so just do it, hear me? We got your back.
Have a good remainder of the week, and come Friday you are half way done with radiation, YEAH!!!


Fred said...

You didn't come off the least bit whiny! I'm impressed that you're able to maintain such a positive frame of mind.
Hope this week is going well---
Take care!