Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 more treatments!!!!!

I'm happy to say I'm getting close to the end! At the end of next week I will finish the radiation of my entire breast and will spend the last 5 sessions having focused radiation to the cavity where the cancer was removed. Studies have shown that any recurrence will more than likely show up in the site where the original tumor was so I get a little extra just to make sure everything is really really dead.

Today when I left my treatment there was another man waiting to come in--it's interesting cancer patients going through treatment belong a to sisterhood/brotherhood, you give each other an understanding nod and no one looks at you funny if you answer "how are you" with a tired, sick, really wish this itching would stop, will be glad when I get my iv out.... We all understand. The man waiting for his radiation treatment was a patient in much worse shape than I am and again all I can do is count my blessings. But, this is a fraternity no one ever asks to join and if that invitation comes in the mail you don't jump for joy that you got in. I'm glad I will get to be an alumni soon.

Tiger Lily had cooking class last night and had an absolute blast. She's asked for more classes and I'm happy to oblige. The school also has adult classes and the chef has a tail gating cooking class scheduled for November. That's one I will definitely sign up for, although NASCAR season is winding down it'll all start up again real soon!

The weather has finally turned cool and all my summer flowers froze so the guy in charge of routine yard work will have some work to do. We have an open house this weekend on Sunday from 1-5; most of the neighbors have said they'll stop by since they've always wanted to see what was done. It'll make my realtor happy anyways...

Hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it is all almost over. Seems like forever ago that the plans for your treatment were being discussed and the end was forever away.

When in college I opted out of the fraternity/sorority life. You didn't get a choice this time. I hope that I have that option again.

The NASCAR cooking class sounds like fun and right up your alley. Looking forward to some more new and creative ideas. Hopefully we will get to sample some of Tiger Lily's cooking in the not too distant future. I bet she had a blast cooking. She probably can't wait till the next time.

The cold weather is here, yuck, but what can you do? The sooner it gets here the sooner it will gets warm again, which means it is time to play again, yipee!!

Well got to go. Got a fun weekend coming up- it's Halloween season.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Only 10 more treatments. That is awesome. You've come a long way and it is nice to see that, for now, you are almost done.

Glad to see that Tiger Lily had a great time at the cooking class. Now she can whip up some gourmet meals for ya!

The NASCAR class does sound like fun, I'll have to take a look at it and perhaps sign up as well.

Love to ya!

Gabe said...


So glad to read that you're doing well and that you're staying so positive throughout the chemo! Hope to hear from you soon.

Much love,


Fred said...

I'm glad to read things are going well, and I see that hopefully you've reached the end of your treatments!
Also please give my belated birthday wishes to Tiger Lily! She's a sweetheart!
Harvest is on hold here after a few days of rain & snow. The snow has melted, and we're supposed to be back up in the 40's for highs mid-week, so hopefully we'll be rolling again soon. (A week ago we had record highs in the mid 70's ---changed in a hurry!) All my harvest problems seem really minor when I consider the challenges you've gone through these past months. Hopefully everything gets much easier from here out...

F, D, &K