Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a quick hello

Just checking in to say hello.

I had my visit with my radiation oncology nurse today and I have officially gained a whole pound (I know, I know, I'm really not bragging, I'm actually unattractively thin). My PEO sisters and family must be feeding me well. The fun part is I now drink whole milk again (once you get used to it it really is sinfully good...), eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream before bed and always order the amazing chicken salad sandwiches at the Bethesda Country Store. Life is really going to stink when I hit my normal weight again.

I also found out my last day of radiation tentatively will be November 6th! November 7th will be a big day for me!!!! I can hardly wait to start the next leg of my journey and get to the 6 month cancer free part. Tiger Lily and I can now start to plan for some trips after Thanksgiving. I'm thinking I'd like to teach her to snow ski!

Here's Tiger Lily now: hi everyone i wanted to just pop in and say hello, well that was messed up, POP here i am! now that's better. tonight i made dinner, i made a kid qusine 4 dinner, and my moms friends are getting married. monday was my birthday, i turned 10 and i got a Wii. see ya soon.

Obviously, the cooking class I signed Tiger Lily up for will come in handy--she's going to learn how to make sushi!

I have another website to check out by the way:, they have some really cute T-shirts!

A big shout out and even bigger hugs to my friends that announced their engagement!!!! We ran through the house screaming when we found out.

Hope everyone is enjoying the D.C. Indian Summer, have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

What a nice upbeat, update on your blog. Having Tiger Lily say hey was delightful. Here's a shout out back to her- Hello Tiger Lily!!

I know you worked hard for that puond, you keep up the good work, Ben and Jerry's is a good choice, lots of flavors.

I guess we need to get ready for a party the weekend after the 6th to celebrate then another celebration in May when you ae cancer free for 6 monthe and every 6 months thereafter.

Have a good week, it's halfway over. Take care. Hugs and kisses to you bot.


alfia said...

The weather is amazing, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
Ben and Jerry... Sigh...

Anonymous said...

P.T: It sounds like things are going good - I am so glad. Enjoy the food and treats!!!

Tiger Lilly - sounds as if you are taking great care of your mom. Keep up the good work. Happy belated B-day. Hope to see you soon!!!!

Thanks for the shout out and hugs and kisses to you and Tiger Lilly!!

Take care and see you soon!!!

Love - Ro & C