Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here comes the new Pink Tulip

I left my post up saying Happy New Year for a little while to give everyone who reads Pink Tulip at work at chance to catch up and now it’s time for this to become my blog.

Tiger Lily and I are settling back into our routines after our long warm vacation. We had an absolute blast in AZ even after the adventure that we started with. One thing I have to say about my Tiger Lily, she is always up for something new and is an amazing travel companion. She spent most of the time playing on the tramp, selling lemonade and basically playing with all the cousins. The weather was warm and she blended right in with my sister’s very large family. We also spent a day at the Desert Museum where she saw a Harris Hawk up close and talked a lot about the area. I miss home and if I could find a job out there I would probably go back.

We are in a lull right now with activities so our evenings have been quiet. Acting class starts up again in Feb, she is taking a break from cooking classes to attend a Math Academy but will start those up again soon and she really wants to play touch football so I’m trying to find a league for that (if all else fails she said she’d play softball). She goes to her father’s this weekend so I will probably rattle around the house all weekend missing her.

We had originally thought about driving to Florida for inauguration weekend to escape the crowds but will be hosting several out of town guests and displaced DC residents instead. If anyone needs a place to stay that weekend I have tons of room still. I have to admit I would love to go just to see the events but am not sure I want to deal with all the extra security and crowds. We all know I never supported the previous president and missed Bill Clinton’s second inauguration for some reason which I can’t even remember now. I am excited about the prospect of change and hope that the new president can accomplish some of the things he promised. Since I’m taking baby steps and getting used to blogging I’ll wait awhile before I start to expound on my political leanings. Everyone is welcome to comment if they want to start a debate....

Like I’ve said several times before my life isn’t exciting, I’m a single parent with an amazing child but it’s my life and I’m starting to rebuild it to be what I want. Since I’ve held back so many of my dreams etc for 4 ½ years while my husband pursued his it’ll take me awhile to remember but I will and I promise to share.

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