Saturday, January 24, 2009

I can't think of a title for this posting so I'm keeping it blank. We stay busy as always.

Tiger Lily just finished her second grading period and is close to getting all A's again. She had a rough teacher last year and I'm happy to see her enjoying school again. She amazes me sometime when she comes home and gets her homework done right away. She is also practicing her song for her audition on Tuesday and I'll make sure to post whether or not she gets a part. I have my fingers crossed (and my toes too!!)

There is some improvement for me and I have more doctor's appointments on Friday so I will know better then. I continue to hope that we have made the right decision as the alternative really stinks....

We enjoyed our company over the inauguration and were happy to host family that could experience such a historic event. Tiger Lily's brother has become a man and I am proud to see that he has become what I always saw underneath the layers. His wife is a welcome addition to our family.

As always, hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how you are able to continue with some sort of normalcy in your life despite all the adversity thrown your way. That with your husband leaving you (and the amazing TL), with the diagnosis of breast cancer, and learning of the betrayal of someone you thought was your friend, you have still risen to the occassion with class and grace. TL will be OK, she has you for a mother, I have to believe that the breast cancer is forever cured, and lastly, you will be OK, because you are a good, moral person and that's what comes to those who live right. To those who are of a lesser caliber, they get what they get.

You take care, stay warm, spring has to be just around the corner.

Tulip said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you so much for the comments, compliments and support. I am blessed to have an amazing child. As for the husband--well, it happened, as for the cancer--beat it, as for the friend--well any perception of friendship was only on my side so I'm not sure there was any betrayal to be had....

I'm looking forward to warm weather and the rebirth of life that is spring.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Tulip,

If your perception of your friendship was only one sided, then you are correct, there is no betrayal. However, with that being said, I find it hard to believe that there was not some sort of mutual feeling of friendship, unless of course, there was an underlying ulterior motive.
Friends don't deceive or mislead their friends. They are above all else honest and truthful.
From what I've read on your blog, you have a great network of true "friends". Keep them close,


Tulip said...

Dear Anon,

I can not speak to the feelings or motivations of my perceived friend. We can not dwell on the actions of others, we can only live our lives as we see fit.

I am blessed to have friends and that, perhaps, is the only important message here. I have learned some very important lessons about friendship over the past few months and only hope that I am a good friend to those I am honored to call friend.

I am happy to continue any conversation about friendship with you as long as it is clear we are discussing the importance of friendhip now and not something else.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tulip,

I think we have pretty well covered the topic of friendship. There is no doubt in my mind that you and I are on the same page and cherish the friendships we each have.
You take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction toward healing from the events of the last year.
I look forward to continued updates on your blog. Want to hear about that first date when it happens in what I hope is the very near future.

Take care,