Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tiger Lily had her audition last night and she did amazing! She sang the song Tomorrow from Annie (can't remember the grammar rules so I'll just leave it all out...). Since we didn't bring the sheet music with us she sang without accompaniment and did great--she has a good voice. They learned a short dance which she put all of her usual enthusiasm into and did a short "cold reading". Her acting teacher was there and he agreed with me.

We'll know something this weekend. Rehearsals start next week and the play runs for three weekends in late April and early May. It is a musical called Honk and is a play on the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling. We learned something and she had fun so it was worth it.

For those of you who noticed once again that I'm off on the dates--I know I seem to have lost my ability to remember times, places and dates in the past year. It'll come back some day--I hope.

Keep your fingers crossed everybody!!!!

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fred said...

Wanted to wish TL the best of luck. I know she'd do a great job! Kristin is looking at colleges, and she's hoping to explore acting more at that level. PT, the best of luck to you also --- hope you can put those health worries behind you soon.