Friday, December 26, 2008

Planes, planes and more planes

So we made it home for Christmas but what an adventure getting here! We went to the airport on Monday and the first thing to greet us was a nice notice that our flight had been cancelled. After standing in line and dealing with the ticketing agents for 3 hours we finally got a flight out Tuesday morning but we were told we would have an 8 hour lay over in Pittsburgh! Needless to say, Tiger Lily wasn't happy. So, off we went, back to the house where we surprised the heck out of the house sitter.

Tuesday morning we took our short hop to Pittsburgh on a little commuter plane. Since I knew we had a long wait in Pittsburgh I let Tiger Lily wear her pjs on our flight and we didn't eat breakfast in DC. When we got to Pittsburgh and hopped on one of the moving sidewalks to find a bathroom, breakfast and look around we passed right by the "special" desk and there wasn't a line so we decided to go and ask if anyone could help us get where we wanted faster. There we met Santa Claus. He laughed and said if we didn't mind going through Las Vegas we could leave in 5 minutes and we would arrive in Phx at 1:30 that afternoon. Needless to say, we didn't get breakfast at the airport, Tiger Lily stayed in her pjs and I missed finding a bathroom until we got in the air on our way to Vegas. Tiger Lily just about yelled out "Vegas Baby" but refrained since she didn't want to scare the people sitting next to us.

We are safe and sound and happy as clams at my sister's house where we had a terrific Christmas. It's a blast to watch everyone open presents!

love, Tiger Lily and Pink Tulip

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