Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost here and as usual I’m not even close to being ready. My Christmas cards will be late by the way. I did post a picture of the three of us here along with heartfelt Christmas wishes to all of you.

We will be spending Christmas with my family and enjoying the craziness that is my sister’s family (all 7 kids will be with her this year!). Tiger Lily is excited to see cousins that she hasn’t seen in almost three years!

As for news about me, well…I seem to be tolerating the tamoxifen okay so I guess it won’t be 5 years of “Is it hot in here?”. I’m now at the wait and see phase and I can hardly wait until my first mammogram so I can cross another milestone off!

Merry Christmas to everyone, may Santa bring you what you want and may you find peace.

Love to all.

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Anonymous said...

Its me Sheila. I am just now finally having a achance to look at your blog. Our friend M keeps me updated though. I'm so glad that you are doing so well and hopefully we can all get together for lunch soon. I am occasionally over your way for meetings and try and stop in to see all the girls.
Hope you have a great holiday season and look forward to trying to see you in the new year! BTW, Tiger Lilly is getting so BIG!